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3 persuasive marketing techniques to level up your business success

People like buying stuff. One could therefore develop and launch a marketing campaign to attract customers to a certain product or service.

But there’s a catch…

A study shows that 95% of our purchase decision occurs in the subconscious mind. We should therefore not ignore how our brains work and not fight against human psychology.

% in the subconscious mind

Knowing this, we can ask ourselves how to reach the subconscious of the consumer. Probing the unconscious mind of the consumer has tremendous value beyond advertising. That is because the insights we get by our methods to probe the unconsious mind are relevant at all stages of the product life cycle. For example, a new product will always be perceived initially in terms of a certain frame of reference. In this case, it is essential that this frame is understood. 

But if one of our clients wants to introduce a mature product, we gather insights about the category of that product, which eventually will lead us to further modifications that will sustain its economic value to our client.

By connecting the emotions with brands, our clients are able to give their brands a major sales boost, while others are able to identify new product opportunities.

So exploring the customer’s emotions and coordinate these with our persuasive technology experts don’t only improve your campaign results, it also have a positive effect on your entire company!

At WorkerPro, we know a thing or two about persuasive marketing. Every day we develop solid persuasive marketing strategies for our clients. And every day, partnering agencies and companies use our insights in persuasive technology and gamification to implement in their content in order to boost business results.

Wondering what persuasive technology and gamification can mean to your company?

We, just like our clients, believe in the opportunity to use knowledge to benefit consumers.

Looking for inspiration?

Check out some persuasive techniques here!

1. Understand search intent

Every time your prospect uses Google search, it’s out of a deep psychological desire. Understand that need and your product will be much more persuasive, and it will rank significally better in a Google search.

One way is to determine the psychological need of your product. For example, the psychological need of antivirus software is different from the one of hotels and resorts.

2. Use commitments to turn new customers into big spenders

Ask new customers if they are likely to buy from you again. Once this is set, our model is able to track the responses.

Depending on these responses (Yes or No), our clients know the original commitment of their segment. They can now incentivize them.

3. Amplify your top pages with power words

Find your top 3 to 5 landing pages and optimize them with power words. Your top landing pages are the pages on your website that achieve the best results in terms of visits and call-to-actions.

There are countless ways to transform your top landing pages to top persuasive landing pages. We use techniques to gather more data that show great results for social sharing and completion rates.

More and better data. That’s a double win!

Need help to get started with Persuasive marketing campaigns?

WorkerPro has developed a unique model for persuasive marketing campaigns. Thanks to successful persuasive marketing projects, you can level up your business success!