Why companies use gamification

Integrating gamification programs presents a company many benefits and advantages. But what is gamification and what can it bring to companies?

When done right, gamification can boost employee productivity and engagement

It is the application or integration of game elements in a non-game environment, while delivering the performance intelligence needed to drive business results. Such a non-game environment could be a company with a core business that totally differs from gaming or entertainment.

More and more organizations are choosing to integrate these gaming elements to improve productivity and competitiveness of their teams. In this post, we will provide you with 4 major benefits for gamifying your company.

To increase motivation

When using gaming elements such as a goal, achievements, and reward systems, employees’ motivation is encouraged which improves the productivity of the whole organization. Both studies and experience show that integration of gamified products increase employee satisfaction and performance.

To improve productivity

The more motivated we are, the more productive we become in our workplaces. Forbes study shows that 72% of employees believe that gamification inspires them to work harder. In addition, it boosts awareness of co-workers’ goals and tasks. All this results in a relaxed and collaborative environment.

To encourage creativity

Very well-known companies such as Google spend a great part of their employees’ working day encouraging creativity through playful activities. This is because playful environments facilitate creative thinking, as it lowers the barriers of established behavioural norms and routines by offering new rules or even new realities.

To strengthen communication processes

Gamification helps in adding levity to daily processes, which makes dialog more fluid and successful. For example, Human Resources departements would like to know more about the impact of their training processes within the company. Therefore more and more Human Resources departements are responsible for implementing gamified elements in order to see their efforts acknowledged through the feedback from employees, backed by gamification.


Wondering what gamification can bring to your company?