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Our vision

It is game that helps us do serious things better and engage the audience.

We support educational institutions and companies in deploying neuroscience and gameful learning through narrative digital learning environments to drive performance in the learning process.

WorkerPro Games is a purpose-driven startup specialized in disrupting the experience of learning and improving the quality of education.

Our scientifically proven approach combines the application of neuroscience and gameful learning to create a blended learning experience for every individual. This approach encourages active learning which takes advantage of processes that stimulate multiple neural connections in the brain and promote memory.

Learning involves changing the brain. The most effective learning involves activating multiple regions of the brain for the learning task. In several learning environments, especially at universities and colleges, learners face mild to extreme stress, which often results in bore outs or even burnouts. Such symptoms are detrimental for learning in general.

We use proven techniques to stimulate gameful learning in combination with the application of neuroscience to provide the learner with an enjoyable learning experience and to drive performance in the learning process, providing collected data for further assessment.

How it works

We offer a product to improve the learning experience and increase engagement.

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