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We support students, universities and colleges in deploying neuroscience and gameful learning through a mobile app to drive engagement and interaction.

WorkerPro Games is a purpose-driven startup specialized in disrupting the experience of learning and improving the quality of higher education.

Our scientifically proven approach combines the application of neuroscience and gameful learning to create an interactive learning experience for every student. This approach encourages active learning by using processes that stimulate multiple neural connections in the brain.

At universities and colleges, students often face mild to extreme stress, often resulting in bore-outs or even burn-outs. These symptoms adversely affect learning outcomes.

We use evidence-based techniques to encourage gameful learning and provide the student with an enjoyable learning experience. Our application results in collected data that is used by universities and colleges for further assessment and optimization.

How it works

A mobile app to make learning more interactive!

Follow your class.
Challenge yourself.
Realize your goals!

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