Develops and manages the implementation and execution of gamified communications, learning and change projects. He remains involved in the changing world of strategic communications within the context of global enterpreneurial systems. Uses his years of experience in both research and IT implementations of gamified strategies to help his clients improve their communication and learning trajectories.

"WorkerPro Games creates that space where people can shape and give context and meaning to their work."
Hassan Haddouchi
Founder & CEO

Graduated as a computer scientist and pursued another master’s degree in Business Management, conducted academinc research on gamification and strategy and implemented his findings in a major project for the city of Brussels. Continues to develop models to strategize gamified learning in learning, change and communication trajectories.

“Customers will never love your company until the employees love it first.”

— Simon Sinek

Hassan is a big fan of Spanish food, sports and non-fiction literature. He spends his free time running marathons, teaching kids programming skills and reading non-fiction (from Stephen R. Covey to Yu-kai Chou).