The three enterprise gamification principles for driving business performance through people


Produce an enjoyable gameplay while driving a complex sequence of actions in order to achieve desired results.


Understand the behavior of the users and the participants.


Align the user’s ascribed meaningfulness of experiences with your gamification activities with the concept of game philosophy.

How does it work?

Gamification is the use of playful design elements in a non-playful environment to make it more fun and more attractive and to enable interaction.

In our mission we integrate gamification into existing systems to encourage users  to display the desired behavior by responding to our human psychological aptitude for gaming.

Our conscious approach to gamification consulting is based on AGILE consulting, whereby we are able to generate quick wins in the short term and achieve a high impact.

A gamification example for a website?

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Why do companies use gamification in their websites or digital platforms?

To improve productivity
To favor employee’s and user’s engagement
To increase motivation
To develop specific skills
To strengthen the communication process
To encourage creativity

What will you be able to do after gamification has been integrated?


Add a new dimension to your core business


Collect user data


Branded lead generation

This is WorkerPro’s Gamification Process

Need more information on how to integrate gamification in your business processes?