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Using effective Persuasive Technology in Marketing

Many companies that are specialized in Internet technology use a certain mechanism in order to attract the user to their product, which can be an app or a service. Such mechanism is called a persuasive technique. However, I believe that we should look beyond the idea of persuasive techniques used only by these tech companies. In fact, persuasive technologies allow us to be flexible in the way of optimizing a given product. Realizing the existence of such flexibility in persuasive technology for our companies is a first step in the right direction.

There exist persuasive techniques that may be used in a marketing campaign. These techniques are mostly based on psychological factors in order to understand the influence they might have on the customer. However, we should not only look at the psychological factors. We also need to consider other factors that can result in the successful implementation of a good marketing campaign.

We live in a world in which we are exposed to hundreds of brands and advertisements for products every day. Buying a certain product is only a result of satisfying our needs, which could be either material, psychic or for display. Now, can we implement persuasive techniques in a marketing campaign in order to increase profit and revenue and at the same time meet the needs of the customer? If yes, which persuasive techniques are applicable in such a marketing campaign? Another important question we should consider is whether the potential customers will perceive the implemented techniques in the desired way.

Nowadays, simply understanding demographics and demand is not enough to have a strong and well-founded marketing campaign. It is here where persuasive technology may come in handy. Well, there are some interesting factors in persuasive technology that could be used in marketing campaigns. Some examples of these factors are peer pressure and hope. Scientific research showed that humans have a certain need to belong, or to be accepted and be a part of a society. In addition, humans analyze the behavior of others in order to decide on their own behavior. So in fact, the product everyone else wants is more valuable.

It would be wrong to claim that these persuasive techniques will work without any doubt in any marketing campaign. However, having a well-founded marketing strategy among all other components needed, persuasive technology may then come to its strengths.

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